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Every day, everywhere, babies are born. They're kissed and dressed and rocked and fed—and completely adored by the families who love them. An exuberant celebration of babies as they do all the wonderful things babies do best.
Written by Susan Meyers | 0-15-202226-0 | Harcourt


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Horn Book
“Warm, funny, generous, this is a book that belongs in every library, and every lap.”
“The text and pictures make beautiful music together, and like babies themselves, this composition is irresistible.”
Publishers Weekly
“It's Frazee's uncanny wit that tips the work away from sentimentality to evoke a wide range of emotions. A charming paean to the adoration that families lavish on their offspring.”
School Library Journal
“Expressive, animated... paintings, depict a full range of infant motions and emotions that bring this ensemble to life.”
New York Times Book Review
“All the scenes depicted are utterly commonplace... but by their loving presentation, these ordinary scenes take on the glow of the extraordinary. Frazee wields pencil and watercolors with a child-pleasing realism and the knowing wink of a parent. Her vignettes are decidedly multicultural, with families of all types, ages, and races, including interracial.”
Riverbank Review
“Frazee's expansive definition of family mirrors reality with a refreshing lack of self-consciousness.”
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