Walk On!

Walk On! Cover
Are you tired of sitting around all day? Do you ever wish you could stand on your own two feet? It's time to start walking!
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Vroman's Bookstore
“This is the perfect gift for graduating seniors, college freshmen, brides & grooms, expectant parents, new home owners, entrepreneurs, employees, therapists, clergy, teachers, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers... oh, and babies learning to walk.”
“Frazee's saucy invitation to all generations to 'walk on' has just enough kick and sass to incite action in babies (and grownups) everywhere.”
Publishers Weekly
“Frazee offers advice ranging from tongue-in-cheek tips... to wry Zen wisdom... to cheekily upbeat encouragement...”
School Library Journal
“This is one of those rare books that speaks to crawling and walking babies who like to look at pictures of creatures like themselves, preschoolers who enjoy stories about what they were like when they were 'little,' and older children and adults who will appreciate the wry humor.”
Library Reviews
Walk On! is THE only guide you need to master the art of walking.”
New York Times Book Review
Walk On! seems to be less about the baby's view than about providing life lessons for people reaching other milestones, on the order of Dr. Suess' 'Oh, the Places You'll Go!'”