A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever

A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever Cover
A couple of boys have a summer adventure where they learn all about nature (um, sort of), eat banana waffles (of course), play lots of video games (naturally), and miss their parents like crazy... (yea, right).
0-15-206020-6 | Harcourt


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“As respectful of kid sensibilities and priorities as it's possible for an adult to achieve.”
Horn Book
“In this tongue-in-cheek story, Frazee's text plays straight man to her comic illustrations, and the clever interplay between the two fuels the books humor.”
“... sweetly captures the pleasures of youthful time-wasting in the company of your best friend with a keen understanding that those pleasures are best when they're unsentimental. The result is just realistic enough to be perfect, a grade-schooler's idyllic summer with limited demands for learning and bettering and a whole lot of reveling in kid priorities.”
“Frazee offers another riotous story that plays deadpan words off sly, subversive pictures.”
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