Hush Little Baby

Hush Little Baby Cover
A delightful and original interpretation of a timeless folk lullaby—perfect for all restless babies and their exhausted, but loving, families.
A Folk Song with Pictures | 0-15-201429-2 | Harcourt


Hush Little Baby Mockingbird


Horn Book
“A spirited, highly original version of the timeless lullaby, with bold illustrations that convey content so strongly and clearly that the words to the song become a mere touchstone for the progression of the story. The book is funny, honest, energetic without being frenetic, and entirely in synch with itself. The sweetest—and definitely savviest—little version of this particular lullaby to pubdate.”
School Library Journal
“This creative interpretation has all the elements of a perfect picture book.”
Miami Herald
“Easily one of the most charming boooks of the year.”
“Marla Frazee's clear narrative pictures... capture the rhythm of the words, the historic particulars of the place, the nighttime farce, and the universal family scenarios of jealousy and love.”
“Frazee's skillful drafting, earth-toned palette, and expressive characterizations add a lively immediacy to this historical piece.”