New Baby Train

New Baby Train Cover
Where do babies come from? They come on a train, of course! The New Baby Train! All aboard!
Written by Woodie Guthrie | 0-316-07203-6 | Little, Brown


New Baby Train The Train


Publishers Weekly
“Even when the characters are simply lazing on a front porch, Frazee's pictures hum with energy and possibility, in this free-form Guthrie reverie.”
New York Times Book Review
“Charming narrative illustrations.”
Horn Book
“Frazee's babies are a humorous combination of innocence and experience; they drink bottles, suck their thumbs, and sleep in baby postures but also tote their own bags, read the newspaper, and sing lustily...”
Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena
“...Frazee's gorgeous illustrations inspired by a Woody Guthrie song have made this book an instant classic.”
School Library Journal
“A fanciful and fun rendition.”
“Frazee finds spark to ignite her imagination... unfolding a visual tall tale about a youngster who hitches a ride aboard a train to soothe its infant passengers.”
New Baby Train Line