Roller Coaster

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The roller coaster car is going up, up, up to the highest spot. And one of the people in the car has never ridden on a roller coaster... ever.
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Roller Coaster Turn


Parent's Choice Gold Award
“Marla Frazee has done the seemingly impossible: written and illustrated a book about a roller-coaster ride that is virtually as heart-in-mouth terrifying as the actual.”
“A rambunctious tour de force from an abundantly gifted author-artist.”
“Capturing both the train's breathtaking speed and a hilarious range of rider reactions with consumate skill, the artist... is once again in top form.”
Publishers Weekly
“The subject affords a marvelous showcase for Frazee's expressive watercolors: the widely variable responses of the riders supply sustained theatre as the train hurtles through space, with degrees of ecstasy (or agony) triggered by each twist and turn.”
New York Times Book Review
“Think of the faces of the people in line for the roller coaster as a study in human psychology: the eager patrons, the apprehensive ones, the no-thanks-maybe-later ones and the not on your life ones... Marla Frazee takes the reader at high velocity through a roller coaster ride from start to finish.”
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