Santa Claus The World's Number One Toy Expert

Santa Claus The World's Number One Toy Expert Cover
No one in the whole world knows more about kids, toys, and gifts than Santa Claus. No one. (And, of course, he loves his job.) But HOW does he do it?
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Santa Claus Toys


Horn Book
“The magic here lies in Frazee's effortlessly clever, detailed illustrations. Frazee delivers the exact right book for the exact right season.”
School Library Journal
“Frazee, a master at creating scenes and moods with her energetic drawings and spare text, fills these pages with details and vignettes that readers will want to explore repeatedly. A fresh and fun look at the big guy.”
“The disparity between the deadpan voice and the energetic, absurd pictures creates perfect comedy...”
Publishers Weekly
“A delight.”
“...unique view of this Santa's workaday world.”
The Capital Times, Madison, WI
“Frazee's brilliantly expressive drawings elevate this Santa story to a potential holiday classic.”
The Miami Herald
“Frazee's fabulous book is itself perfect for gift-giving — topping our 2005 list of The Miami Herald's Best Books for Young Readers.”
Santa Claus Unicycle