Stars Cover
Explore the wonder of stars, whether they are in the night sky, on a plant as a promise of fruit to come, or in one's pocket for those days when one does not feel shiny.
Written by Mary Lyn Ray | 1-4424-2249-0 | Beach Lane Books, Simon & Schuster


Stars Girl


“This is the kind of bigger-than-it-seems book that exemplifies picture books at their finest.”
“This stunning collaboration between writer and artist gently reminds us that shining stars bring beauty to the world.”
The Bookworm (Omaha, NE)
“This lovely book belongs on lots of bookshelves and should be read over and over until its corners are a little ragged and its pages well loved.”
“A poetic paean to stars both real and metaphorical brings the heavenly down to readers without robbing it of mystery.”
“Stars. Who hasn’t looked up in the sky and contemplated their magical presence? The winning combination of Ray and Frazee crystallize these ideas into a near-perfect picture book that encourages children’s minds to wander and wonder...Lovely.”
Publishers Weekly
“Ray and Frazee, two big talents beating as one, assemble a cast of junior philosophers to help them muse on why stars—as celestial bodies, as shapes, as symbols, as talismans—hold so much meaning and mystery for us. ...showing readers how stars can turn sticks into wands, cheer us up, or remind us, gently, of how much of the universe is beyond our grasp.”
Stars Sled