The Great Zapfino

The Great Zapfino Cover
Behold! Zapfino escapes the circus, starts a new life, faces his fears, and follows his heart!
Mac Barnett | 978-1-5344-1154-8 | Beach Lane Books, Simon & Schuster
The Great Zapfino Elevator


Publishers Weekly
“Frazee’s lightly smudgy comic line drawings convey relief, repose, terror, suspense, and, at last, Olympian-level physical skill in this droll comedy.”
“Join the crowd, hold your breath, and thrill to the ringmaster’s ballyhoo as The Great Zapfino ascends the impossibly high ladder and prepares to make the ten-story Leap For Life onto an impossibly tiny trampoline...”
“This fun mini-adventure will delight kids as they pore over the illustrations and fill in story details with their imaginations.”
The Great Zapfino Jump